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4/12/24 --- Website updates: A 88x31 button (feel free to add me to your webring!), "dictionary" page to explain insular/niche subculture terms, and the renaming of my stuff from "CONTENT" to "MY WORK."

4/11/24 --- I have removed my presence from Baraag and will try to do so for POMF. I will not be part of websites which cater to harmful ideologies and photorealistic CSAM. Realistic AI is trained on CSAM (cartoon works are likely trained on cartoons, primraily, so I take less issue there). My takes on AI haven't changed much, we need to demand ethics, remove scraping, and if it doesn't result in human leasure-- burn it the fuck down.

7/21/23 --- Implemented my AI-related pages, specifically for character RP, how to use different AI programs, etc. Disclaimer also now present!

10/8/22 --- Added /roleplay.html, /blog.html, /shop.html, and /content.html to site. Fixed < /div> issue on content page.