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I play on RPNow.net, Dreamwidth, Google docs, Roled.org, and through email! I will not use anything else at this time.

I know these may sound intimidating, but please read them! I have been RPing for 15+ years and found they are things that need to be said ;w;

ADDENDUM: This is copypasted from my main site, but I wanted to add a couple more things specific to my fetish writing! These are copypasted from my F-List cuz I know ya'll don't check all the links.

  • I won't play with characters who are under 13-15.
  • I won't play with people using IRL faceclaims for their OCs.
  • No I don't care what people do in fiction, just don't hurt anyone IRL. Please don't bitch to me about kinks you dislike. :P
  • Referring to our RP characters as "you" and "me" will get you ignored. Please don't act like our characters are "us," it makes me deeply uncomfortable.
  • I'm AroAce so, no, I'm not wanking, don't ask me that, and no I don't want to go out with you. Thank you!
  • If you get upset because I tell you I don't want to play a certain kink, or get mad if I try to clarify my likes and dislikes, I don't want to RP with you.
  • I expect effort but not perfection; I prefer 3-6 paragraphs but will match my partner in post length. I also have no problem playing with people who are ESL and won't bitch about typos :)
  • I have a chronic illness and may be spotty, or may vanish for long periods of time. It doesn't mean I don't want to play anymore, it just means I AM SICK. If you are going to be rude or impatient, or expect me to be at your beck-and-call for RP, please do not contact me. :(
  • I don't do requests, but if I'm really having fun I might draw a scene from the RP. If you really want something, my commissions are almost always open. ^^
  • Lastly, yes, I do want to make friends! But understand that "friends" does not mean I am your therapist.

  • Mun =/= Muse, obviously!
  • No IC approaching!
  • I like making friends with my RP partners! :3
  • I won't ask you to play something you aren't comfortable with-- don't ask me to, either!
  • I will not RP with minors, even for SFW scenes. Minors, GTFO.
  • I am chronically ill and have a life outside the web. Understand that real life comes first, always.
  • I have a lot of muses. Some end up more active than others, and they fluctuate. Please respect that if I'm struggling with a muse and need to stop RPing that thread for a while, it is not indicitive of YOU. If you try to guilt trip me over it, you'll be blocked.
  • I usually have more than one thread going whenever able.
  • I prefer RP that is character-driven, with plot as a secondary. Think, the Beastars manga. Plot is important, but characters are much more important to me!
  • Equal parts weird NSFW/fetish/smut and story is preferred. Character dynamics are still the most important thing.
  • Third person, past tense, multi-paragraph is my preferred method. I did novella in the past, but don't really want to go that far again. That said, I'm not super elitist about length-matching, as long as I see you have put effort into your response/there is something for me to respond to!
  • No godmoding/autohitting, no putting words in my character's mouths, no knowing everything my character is going to do before they do it (unless previously discussed), no "my character is smarter than the smartest canon character..." etc.
  • I don't appreciate romantic or sexual advances towards my person. Don't do it.
  • OC/canon is welcome! We can play it in either direction, though I don't like to be the canon half of the ship all the time! I have OCs I'd love canons for, too! ♥
  • I'm very AU friendly! Feel free to suggest them!
  • No perma-bad ends/major character death please! I like angst but only in moderation! ^^;
  • I used to do RP fights on Furcadia, and found they weren't often fair. If we do this, we have to discuss the outcome and what happens beforehand, as well as using calculators or dice when applicable (re: Pokemon battle). I absolutely WON'T do card game battles IC (Yu-Gi-Oh).
  • I have and don't mind mind-readers! The exact level of what I'm okay with depends on how much I trust you as an RP partner. If this means emotional... I have many characters who are very detached, but LOVE seeing them grow and change. It will take time, but it's possible (with MOST of them).

    I'm very friendly and very much miss making friends on dA, Furcadia, etc! Roleplay is my absolute favorite passtime, and interacting with others in fandom communities was the second. Most of these rules are to keep away disrespectful players and minors! So I hope they aren't to scary! ;w;''

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