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I do not consent to my artwork or writing to be used for AI, NFTs, or any other unethical training or generation.

#EthicalAI #AIForFunNotProfit

AI Projects

Projects using AI and AI programs and jailbreaks for roleplay. I also use it to play with ideas, occasional reference (such as the Nintendo-trained Fakemon generator-- fuck Nintendo, p!rate their shit), and general playful shenanigans. I strictly believe AI is a tool to be utilized, and can be useful, but desperately needs ethical restrictions. Once those are in place, we may be able to stop using the hammer to bludgeon, and start using it to tap in nails.
For tutorials on how to use programs like SillyTavern and Agnai.chat, refer to the following links.

There will be no AI "art." It is currently not at all ethical and I do not wish to support it. I won't be generating AI art to post as my own, take credit for their creation, etc. None of my artwork will be AI-assisted.* AI art may be referenced, but this is no different than referencing any other piece of art, photo, etc. AI "art" is not ethical.

*I do not trace, do not generate-then-alter-in-PS, etc. Basic ettiquite for art referencing applies. I may see a very fucked up furry design and rework it into an OC, though, same with the Fakemon generator(s). For funsies!


AI generations featuring realistic and semi-realistic depictions of characters intended to be minors is exploitative. They are trained on CSAM. Report it wherever you see it.
Hopefully there will be a concerted effort to remove abuse images from AI training, but due to the nature of scraping, this is either unlikely in its current state (it would need to be rebuilt from the ground up with opt-in and human-supervised training), or a long way off (removal of CSAM is more difficult now than ever, and it is easier to find than it has ever been before).
Please, please do not use AI to generate realistic or semi-realistic depictions of minors until it can be confirmed that they are no longer trained on CSAM.
AI "writing" is a whole different beast, and this warning does not apply to this to my current understanding.


But can I fuck them? OpenAI doesn't allow--
That's what these programs are for! They initiate something called a "jailbreak prompt," which bypasses the AI's "ethics protocol" (read: it's anti-porn rule) and basically lets you do whatever you want with it.

How is the AI with pronouns, transgender people, etc?
Not the best, unless you manually edit it. When playing with a character, place the following note in its description:
{{user}} has (whatever genitals). {{user}} goes by (whatever pronouns).
That should fix the problem! Make sure to remove the parentheses, though.
So far, I have found that ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo is the most sophisticated for transgender and GNC characters. So if you're able, I highly recommend ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo (any version).
As of SillyTavern 1.8.0, you are now able to create individual "personas," which allow you to place an icon and description for "you" in the chat. You can use this to specify that your character is trans, the way they look, their genitals, etc.! It's not perfect, but it helps. Remember, AI is not trained to be queer-inclusive inherently; we have to put some work in to see it become more accessable to us. Also, it pisses off techbros. <3

What are "Worlds?"
Worlds are backdrops for the AI to pull from. You'll also see "scenes" and "example messages" in some characters, which function similarly (but not quite!). Worlds are used to establish your setting and allow the AI to reference in-universe thing sit otherwise wouldn't know about.

I'm going to make my OC and post it on--
Woahh woah, hold on! I don't recommend posting your OCs/art onto chub.ai, venus.chub.ai, JanitorAI, etc. Specific to chub.ai, they have a line in their TOS that specifies the following:
You own the Content you create and/or submit. We will not sell your Content, nor will we use it in any other way as permitted under these Terms. However, by posting your Content or otherwise making it available on our Website, you must be aware that:
(1) You hereby grant us a worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive license to use, display, publish, reproduce, distribute, and make derivative works of such Content to provide Services and as otherwise permitted under these Terms and our Privacy Policy;

You can read their full TOS here.

Can I make a bot of someone else's personal OC? Can I make one for yours?
Please ASK before you post a bot of a person's OC on JanitorAI or chub. I do not care what you make for your own personal use, but understand that many people are understandably and rightly uncomfortable with this. Art and OCs posted on these sites are frequently stolen, and even in the few instances where they are credited, they are often still made and posted without the artist's/creator's consent. Due to the contentious nature of AI, and its many ethical failures, it's important that we show respect to creatives by doing the bare minimum of asking their consent.
Once again: I am not policing personal use bots. That feels a bit like policing thoughts. Just please do not post them without consent, or share them around.
As for my own OCs: no, you may not make bots for my personal use OCs. However, if you ask nicely, I wouldn't mind making a bot for them! I do not consent to my OCs or artwork being posted on any bot chat site, including but not limited too: chub.ai, Venus, JanitorAI, SpicyChat, Harpy Chat, Risu AI, PortalkAI, RealmPlay, Agni Chat, booru.plus, Faraday.dev, Unhinged AI, etc. If I make a bot for them, it will be personally distributed or have it's own seperate page below!


These characters can be used for SFW roleplay, but they are mostly meant for porn. I include a porn-specific jailbreak prompt in most (if not all) files, something you may want to alter. While I keep my specific fetishes out of individual characters, there are additions you can make to their descriptions to aid your... specific tastes. Change the things inside the parentheses (and remove said parentheses) to customize. These are as follows:

  • {{char}} has a fetish for (thing). {{char}} will try to enact this fetish (with or without) {{user}}'s consent.
  • {{char}} has (xyz genitals).
  • {{char}} is into (list fetishes/kinks).
  • {{char}} is (sexuality, romantic attraction, paraphilia, etc.).

  • Worlds

    One Piece
    Small WIP, don't expect frequent updates. Feel free to suggest additions.
    Mostly pre-timeskip atm.
    Icon created/edited by knives1024 on deviantArt.
    Download Here!
    Breeding Season+
    Breeding Season+ is a lorebook helps flesh out a world of monsters and their human farmers/ranchers/slavers/whatever! This lorebook is NOT exclusive to female and male monsters. Definitions for alternate genders (including a separate section for "intersex" and "futanari," or similar fetish-based terms to differentiate the two), nor is it lolisho-heavy (though it can absolutely be used for such things). Most if not all monsters can be any gender and appearance, with some indicators to help the AI understand what "type" of monster is being played.
    This project is currently a WIP and will be quite token-heavy!

    1. The AI struggles with alternate body plans/aptophilia. For example, a Centaur may "reach down to grab himself," despite the confusing anatomy necessary for such an action.
    2. You will need to correct the AI every so often if you're playing a trans character with binary pronouns. This is just the AI.
    3. The AI also struggles with they/them pronouns, sometimes using it singularly, sometimes assuming multiple people are involved. Again, this is an issue with the AI.
    Download Here!


    Sir Crocodile - Pre Timeskip - One Piece
    Pre timeskip Sir Crocodile, during his time in Alabasta. This can take place well before the events of the story, or during it. Note that the AI, much like the anime, tends to forget that Crocodile only has one hand.
    Download Here!
    ...or Here!
    Sir Crocodile - Post Timeskip - One Piece
    Post timeskip Sir Crocodile, where he is presently (as of this bot's creation) in the anime/manga. The AI still forgets that Crocodile only has one hand.
    Download Here!
    ...or Here!
    Sir Crocodile (Trans) - Pre Timeskip - One Piece
    AI is not great with transgender characters, since most of what it is trained on is cishet stuff. You will encounter problems. You will probably have to correct the bot occasionally (it STILL struggles to remember he only has one hand!). This is not foolproof!


    "Is this Crocodile Luffy's mom?"
    Live your dreams.

    "Did Ivankov give him a penis?"
    Edit a couple words and yes. :)

    *Some weird inflamatory shit*
    Good for you kiddo! How's building that personality module for yourself going?

    Trans Croco-boy Icons by sir-crocodile-slut on tumblr
    Download Here!
    ...or Here!

    Borsalino Kizaru - Pre Timeskip - One Piece

    I personally add some... unique traits to Borsalino, but this is the "raw" (read: non-degenerate) version of him. He's described as-is in the anime for the most part, with only a tad of embelishment. He functions well but is too talkative, so make sure to change the settings to quiet him down some (Character -> Advanced Definitions -> Talkativeness).
    Download Here!
    ...or Here!

    Donquixote Doflamingo - Dressrosa Arc - One Piece

    Doflamingo during his time as Warlord and king of Dressrosa. Runs a massive drug ring (SMILE fruit) and human trafiking ring (The Human Auctioning House).
    Probably not for people looking for fluff. Not without quite a bit of tweaking, at least.
    Download Here!
    ...or Here!

    Enel - Skypiea Arc - One Piece

    A heavier token character, with a smaller token version as a WIP. Still getting size difference mechanics to work, AI really struggles with it. Would love feedback on how to better work it!
    Download Here!
    ...or Here!

    Dracule Mihawk - Post Timeskip - One Piece

    I actually made Mihawk for a group chat RP, but he functions well enough that I decided to post him.
    Download Here!
    ...or Here!

    Charlotte Katakuri - Whole Cake Arc - One Piece

    I haven't even reached him in the series yet v_v
    A basic writeup because I love him and I know he's a fan favorite.
    Download Here!
    ...or Here!

    Smoker - Pre or Post Timeskip - One Piece

    Short writeup for Smoker. Kinda ambiguous as for where he is in the timeline, can easily function as pre or post timeskip.
    Download Here!
    ...or Here!

    Belladonna - All Dogs go to Heaven (series/Christmas special)

    I made her on a whim for shits and giggles. Belladonna is feral with canine-accurate genitalia. She will mock the user and boss them around. Very open to feedback on this one, as I haven't tested her fully!
    Download Here!
    ...or Here!

    Scratch - Stitch & Ai

    Basic writeup for Scratch from the Chinese Disney spinoff, Stitch & Ai.
    Download Here!
    ...or Here!

    Bunger - Bugsnax

    My favorite worst bot, imported from C.AI!
    Download Here!
    ...or Here!

    Caesar Alexandrovich Sergeyev - Roses and Champange

    Download Here!
    ...or Here!

    Dmitri Shishkin - Roses and Champange

    The bastard cousin of Caesar~
    Download Here!
    ...or Here!

    Prince Caius - The Titan's Bride

    I've been reading a lot of BL lately (8/23/23).
    Download Here!
    ...or Here!


    Pieces written mostly or entirely by the AI with some guidence from me. Mostly used for heavy fetish content that is difficult to find, or becoming more difficult to find. Please take this with a grain of salt; unlike with roleplay, the vast majority of this work is not mine, just generated by the AI.
    This is the only place you will see these. They do not belong on art or writing websites (even ones that allow it), because it is less a creative endevor and more a goofing off with a dumb, unsophisticated toy.

    Raisa's Struggle - Scat, Gas, Soiling - 1,054 Words
    Raisia, a holstaur (cowgirl), is left to herself on the farm until a familiar feeling begins gurgling in her belly.
    Only the first paragraph (rather, the first two sentences) is original writing. Everything else is guided, with some edits, but mostly AI-generated.
    Read Here!