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A collection of words that you may see on this blog, or associated with my work. These are meant to help you better understand what I am saying, without having to explain it every time it comes up. Please note that some of these words may be used differently in different circles. I have been on the internet for over 15 years now, and was around to see most of these terms crop up (and die, fall into misuse, or be altered by bad actors).
These terms are not an identity. They are not "me." They are just words I have found useful when speaking to others. If "you" are only made up of labels, I suggest you get offline for a bit. Might I recommend one of these books?

Radinclus, Radically Inclusive: Being inclusive of all good faith identities. This is exclusionary of only harmful or trolling "identities" (trasrape, transnazi, transstupid, and whatever else). It does not imply that someone is queer by way having a parphilia alone. Right-wing/TERF jargon will purposfully confuse it with other labels whenever able.

Gutterotica: Gross, disturbing artwork, which may be sexual, gorey, or erotic in nature. See The Gutterotica Manifesto.

"Ethical AI" / "AI For Fun Not Profit": I'm unsure if anyone else uses this. It's a tag I created on Mastodon to express my views on AI. In its current state AI is deeply unethical, trained on illicit material, and being abused by corporations to harm creatives, coders, and more. But I do believe AI is a tool-- just one I'd wish people would stop using to bludgeon artists. See my AI disclaimer for more of my thoughts on it. (Spoiler: it's a lot of anti-capitalist ranting.)

Proship / Prokink / Profic / Profiction / etc.: Terminology used originally to discuss the nuances of fictional depictions of "bad" things (rape, incest, etc.). The terminology was meant as a countermovement to "antis," TERF-infultrated young queer folk who fed into the idea that BDSM and kink culture was indicitive of harm against women. The terminology is now rather outdated, but is still used to signal to others that they won't tell you to off yourself if you write a fanfic they find gross. The terminology does not realate to real-world actions, or people perpetuating real-world harm under the guise of "it's just fiction" (realistic AI generations of minors, neo-Nazi groups calling for the eradicationf xyz, etc). Source(s).